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  • Applewood Smoked

Softer and creamier than most cheddars, Applewood Smoked is a semi hard cheese with a yummy smoky, tangy flavour. It's dusted with paprika which enhances the smokiness, adds a touch of sweetness and gives the cheese a wonderful golden glow.  

Applewood Smoked was first made in 1965 by the Ilchester Cheese Company and is reckoned to be Britain's favourite smoked cheese. You'll find it does tend to disappear very quickly and is liked by most children.

What with? Applewood Smoked is seriously delicious melted on burgers or on bruschetta with Parma ham and basil. If you're eating it on its own you'll need something like Apricot or Cheese Board Chutney - one of our bestselling combinations in rolls and sandwiches for years.

This hearty cheese needs a vibrant red and is well matched with our Chianti Riseccoli.

Country of Origin England (Somerset)
Style of Cheese Hard
Milk Variety Cow
Pasteurised Yes
Vegetarian Yes
Organic No
Information about this producer is currently being compiled and will be available for you soon.
Applewood Smoked